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6 Ways to Boost #Easter Sales 2018

#Easter is just around the corner and people have already started to get into the festive mood. As a business owner, you can capitalise on the festive spirit and gain some more conversations and visibility with #Easter sales. At We Can Build Your Business, we recommend you consider the methods listed below to get the best possible results.

1. Include Easter-Related Keywords in Your PPC Campaigns 

This little bit of off-site optimisation will bring in customers to your website and help you gain conversions. Include Easter-related keywords in your PPC title tags, meta descriptions, and links. These changes draw the attention of people specifically looking for Easter-related deals. They’ll be more likely to convert and purchase your products or services.

2. Create an #Easter Themed Landing Page 

#PPC ads connect to the landing pages so you need Easter-themed landing pages as well. Make sure these landing pages are well-designed and feature products of services that people want during Easter. You should also make sure that these pages have soft colours and a festive look, which will appeal to your audience

3. Customise your Emails 

All of your marketing should take on a more festive tone as Easter approaches and this includes your emails and newsletters. Make sure their design corresponds to the landing page design to maintain a consistent Easter theme. For example, if you’ve used pale pinks and blues in your landing page, add the same design to your emails. This will give your campaign a professional look and feel.

4. Offer Free Gift Wrapping 

Easter-themed gift wrapping paper won’t put a dent in your budget and you can easily ask one of your employees to wrap the items for you. Customers are easily attracted to free offers and will take advantage of even the smallest festive discounts and concessions.

5. Engage Users and Encourage the Festive Spirit on All Platforms 

You can connect with your customers through a number of platforms, including social media accounts. It’s important to market your Easter sale and activities on all of these platforms to get maximum engagement. Publish pictures and articles, offer special discount codes, and engage your followers with games and puzzles. These strategies will help draw attention to your platform.

6. Extend the Easter Promo by a Few Weeks 

You don’t need to end your Easter promotions immediately after Easter Sunday has passed. You can give your customers Easter vouchers and discounts for a few days or weeks after Easter as well. This will place a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to use the coupons immediately. 

Consistency on all platforms will help you reach a larger audience so you should optimise your website as well as your social media to get the best effect.

If you want to know more about marketing and optimisation, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeCanBuildYourBusiness in #Manchester can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

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