4 Tips on How Good #Content & #Copywriting Can Improve Website Conversion Rates

When new users visit your website the first thing they will notice is your website’s design and layout. The second thing to catch their attention will be the #content. The website look and design is the magnet to attract visitors. The #copywriting makes sure that they linger and consider your products and services seriously. At We Can Build Your Business, we encourage you to consider the tips mentioned below, as they will most definitely help you to improve your website conversation rates.

1. Consider the Personality Profile of Your #TargetAudience

When you speak with someone, you modify your speech patterns and words according to the person’s age and personality. For example, you would’t speak to a child in the same way you would speak to an adult nor would you address someone in authority the same way you would to a close friend or family member. This principle also applies to your copywriting.  Create a personality profile for your target audience and determine whether they’re impulsive, logical, aggressive, or prone to kindness. You can shape your copywriting content according to the profile.

2. Use Active or #PowerWords

You need to use words that prompt your prospective customers to act or illicit a strong emotional response from them. You can do that through action words/power words. Action words, as the name suggests, describe an action. They include words like buy, sell, choose, listen, read, etc. When you use them in your copywriting content, you encourage your customers to act. Power words like proven, money, value, verified, surging, great, wonderful, etc, immediate catch the customer’s interest and act as subconscious triggers.

3. Users Will Skim Content – Write Accordingly

Your target audiences are never going to read every sentence in your copywriting content. They will usually  skim through the material and pick up on the most important points. You should write the content in a format that will allow your users to read the material easily. Include things like bullet points, headings and subheadings, and bold word or italicise words that you want your customers to focus on. If your content is too difficult to read, your customers will look elsewhere instead of making an effort to go through it carefully.

4. Unique Content for #UniquePages

Your website will have unique pages like the About Us page, Landing Pages, Homepage, etc. Product description pages are not unique because you need to provide correct facts and information on the product or service you are providing. The unique pages, on the other hand, are an opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with your customers and help them connect with your brand. You can speak in your own voice and craft a personality for your brand on these pages. For example, some brands sound fun, quirky, and sarcastic while some sound sophisticated and elegant. These personalities can help you connect with your prospective customers and encourage loyalty.

If you want to know more about good copywriting, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeCanBuildYourBusiness  small business support in #Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.

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Two key Ways to Communicate Your #Professional #Expertise

Expert (adj) highly practised and skilful, or well informed, on a subject – (n) a person who is expert in a subject; (attrib.) of or being an expert.  #OxfordEnglishDictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an #expert as a person highly practised and skilful or well informed on a subject.

But while you may have these attributes, proving it to people who do not know you is another matter.
Fortunately, there are two distinctive #PR and #communications routes at our disposal to highlight exactly why you have earned the right to be described as an expert in your niche sector.

First, there is traditional ‘indirect’ press and PR activity route, the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our industry.
Here you’re seeking third party endorsement via print, broadcast and online media. This can be achieved numerous ways to do this – including news stories, contributions to a sector-specific features, bylined articles or expertise columns. A regular flow of press releases to trade and business publications and ongoing contact with editors and journalists, who write about your niche sector, are also essential to position you as a thought-leader or expert.

What do you want to contribute to these journalists and editors?

The answer is simple.

Anything that forms part of a compelling narrative to position you as an expert.

Stories about contract wins, awards, accreditations, cases studies showing innovation, partnerships with like-minded experts, training and upskills initiatives – everything and anything that improves the way you do things in your niche sector.

Second, there is the direct or social media approach, where you populate your own online media platforms to show and share your expertise with the people you want to influence (such as a business website and blog and social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and here at Manchester Professionals).

Your choice of content could range from your website’s own blogs and guest blogs on other sites to ‘how to’ ebooks, podcasts and video that show your peers that you have the knowledge, expertise and experience they need to help make their own #businesses more successful.

However, this #content should not be written like a newspaper advertisement or a television commercial saying how good you are.

Rather the approach should be the same as telling as story.

You should have a beginning (identifying the common problems your expertise can solve). A middle (how your expertise is going to solve the problem). And an end (the benefits of your experience as seen by the end user).

And when you’re creating or developing content with your team, always focus on engaging with your audience and winning their empathy.

Robert McKee, the award-winning author of #STORY, the screenwriter’s #bible, says the emotional involvement of audience depends upon authenticity and empathy: we must believe.  This principle equally applies to writing copy to position yourself as expert as it does to drafting a screenplay.

This method, unlike using traditional media, also means you need to build your own audience (or list) and generate plenty of inbound traffic.

However, they work best when are they employed together as part of your overall marketing communications strategy.

Author : Andrew Field #AFC

Marketing & PR Consultant – Manchester


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Video Marketing – How to get Your Business Going Viral on #Facebook

Marketing your business today is a far cry from what it used to be and keeping up with new trends in a digital media landscape where everyone is fighting for attention can be very challenging for most. It is a very different ballgame as the brave new world of #Digital Consumption is here to stay and the one of the most effective new ways of getting your business to go #Viral is #VideoMarketing.

30-60 second videos on platforms such as #Facebook can go viral very quickly and this is how it works….

Baiting viewers without being click bait –The secret is to bait viewers into watching the video, without becoming “click bait.”

A creative Video Marketing company will take your product or service and look closely at your target audience. They will then make a very explosive 30-60 second viral video that will easily attract attention with “buzzworthy stories and trendy topics” which people will want to like and share mainly because they are cool. The videos can accumulate hundreds of thousands of views and generate “warm data.” This is the trick as the company will then re-target your marketing campaign at your newly generated data rather than start from scratch which I am sure you will agree can only result in much higher conversion rates.

Most people would create a story with the “big message” either towards the end or halfway through but with viral videos it is completely different as they get the “big message” out there straight away. Facebook is a different world and this is how videos can go viral instantly.

The videos can be extremely #Silly and #Humorous or very #Heart-Wrenching but that is why they go viral.

So if you want to sell out of products or be booked up for services and generate more traffic to your website then this is a very effective way of doing it successfully.

Engage Visitors on Your Website with #VIDEO

The majority of website  visitors do not read through text, they quickly scan through it. In fact 80% of website visitors will watch a video and only 20% will actually read text in its entirety.  Use of video on your website will most certainly engage more visitors with your product or services.

If you feel you have a Cool Product or Service and you want it to go Viral then contact us TODAY

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5 Top Tips to Help Small Businesses Attract More Local Customers

Small businesses can benefit from a strong local presence. They do not have to compete with big names and can utilise their resources more productively. However, the national market and the local market are entirely two different things, so you need to use different strategies to gain a foothold in either of them.

At #WeCanBuildYourBusiness, we recommend the 5 marketing techniques mentioned below to help you attract more local customers.

1.Establish a Good Local Business Presence Online 

Search engines provide a number of opportunities to local businesses but you need to establish your local business to take advantage of that. Here’s what you should do:

  • Claim your business on Google My Business and make sure your location is accurate on Maps.
  • Correct any mistakes in your online name, address, and phone number information. You don’t want to mislead your customers.
  • Use long-tail local keywords like “web design in London,” or “winter jackets in Manchester”. This will draw the local audience to your business.
  • Make sure your website is SEO friendly and compatible with the mobile platform.

2.Register in Local Directories 

People online will look at local directories when they want to find local businesses. You should register will all available local directories in your city to expand your presence online and gain more visibility. Local directories allow user submitted reviews so you can take advantage of that to draw more customers to your store. These reviews can convince prospects to try your products and services. Focusing on #hyperlocalmarketing will allow you to narrow down your target audience and gain more conversions for less investment.

3.Loyalty Programs and Local Discounts 

You can include loyalty programs and local discounts in your marketing strategy to draw customers. Your campaigns should show your customers that you’re one of them and want to serve the local community. Some businesses hesitate to offer these programs because they believe it would eat into their profits. However, loyalty programs and discounts will keep bringing your customers back to your business so your investment would have good returns.

4.Become Active on Social Media 

People like to connect with brands and establish a relationship with them. That’s one of the reasons why brands and businesses engage audiences on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. When you communicate regularly with your customers, you have a personal connection with them and can address their concerns quickly. This will help improve your reputation and bring more local customers to your doorstep.

5. Consider Rebranding 

Rebranding or changing your brand’s message can help you establish a deeper connection with your local customers. Marketing at the hyperlocal level should be more personal and relevant to the area of service. You can change your logo, brand message, and your entire marketing strategy to fit a local customer base. That would help in the long run.

If you want to know more attracting local customers, don’t hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business will offer solid advice on small businesses. You can give us a call on 0330 133 0092 or fill in this contact us form.

If you want to know more about attracting local customers please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

TALK TO US TODAY. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are happy to assist you.

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How Visual Content is Taking Over the Digital Online Space in 2018

With an increasing number of Brands attempting to connect with their audiences across various social media platforms, it has been noticed that there is a decline in the attention spans of people in the online space. This has also compelled businesses to change their approach and the manner in which the they target their audiences in order to increase brand loyalty and engagement. Here we take a look at  social media trends that you can use to capitalise on in 2018. 

Focus on #Ephemeral Content

#Snapchat spearheaded the popularity of ephemeral content. This platform boasts over 10 billion daily video views, making it something no marketer can ignore. This is one of the best ways to reach generation Z and the younger Millennials. Ephemeral content is essentially short-lived (the longest it can last is only 24 hours), after which it disappears forever.

While some marketers have their qualms about the effectiveness of this content, the significant popularity it has received has compelled them to develop strategies that focus on ephemeral content marketing. The one way to make the best of this type of content marketing is to ensure that it revolves around producing pictures and videos that can engage target audiences within a very short time span.

#Chatbots is the way to Go

There has been a considerable rise in the manner in which businesses are now using social #chatbots to engage with their target audiences and improve the customer service experience. The prediction is that by the end of this year, almost 30% of online conversations will be machine-assisted.

Chatbots are software applications that are built to mimic a human-like conversation. They are like friends to online consumers and provide 24/7 services, ensuring that consumers get the information they need when they need it in order to make a better and more well-informed purchase decision. Companies are finding that they are able to build more personal and long-lasting relationships with existing as well as potential customers with the use of these chatbots.

Interactive broadcasting and #LiveStreaming are the latest trends

Today #Facebook offers live streaming via its Facebook Live application, and businesses can use this to reach their target audiences in a more effective manner. Aside from this, one-way live streaming can be converted into two-way streaming via broadcasting channels such as #Agora. This is one of the best ways that people can chat with each other and audiences aren’t required to download a separate app. This app integrates seamlessly with all the existing apps and brands can reach their consumers in real-time.

Image recognition and AI have started to transform the manner in which social Media Marketing functions. Today there are approximately 3.2 billion photos shared on a daily basis via platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This clearly shows the manner in which visual content is taking over the digital online space.

Focusing on these newer #SocialMedia trends is one of the best ways for brands to grow  quickly  in 2018.

If you want to know more about Social Media Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business  #SmallBusinessSupport in Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.


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Why #GrowthHacking is Essential for New Business Growth & #Marketing in 2018

When it comes to starting a new business, it’s no surprise that marketing is a big worry. How are fledgling businesses able to compete in an increasingly competitive market? Many #entrepreneurs spend hours researching their potential business, but can’t find a way to market it well, and decide that a good idea for a business may have to stay just that – an idea. Others turn to Growth Hacking.

Even though #GrowthHacking has only been around for a few years, but now it’s one of the inclined terms in the tech world. Every startup is looking for growth hackers. Because, they too want to grow fast, and get millions of users and lots of profit.

Growth hacking is how startups like #Tinder grew users from fewer than 5,000 to almost 15,000 overnight. It is a process of experimenting with non-obvious, often counter-intuitive techniques for growing a business quickly and inexpensively. Pinpointing assumptions that you or others are making and testing them is essential to growth hacking.

Growth marketing is usually lead by a growth hacker, growth architect, or group of growth hackers, who implement growth hacking strategies. Growth Hacking is often highly technical and breaks established “rules” around marketing that others continue to follow.

Does the rise of growth hacking indicate and end to the marketing firm? Absolutely not.  What it will do is force a marketer to entirely revamp their marketing techniques to keep up with the ever-evolving world of social media and Internet advertising. Although growth hacking will cost a business significantly less than traditional advertising techniques it still requires a level of technical proficiency to be successful.

The Basics

Let’s break it down. When #Hotmail initially launched, it wanted to find a way to build its user base, so they came up with “PS I love you” that had a link to sign up for free email. What this did was use its existing users to market their brand for them. The idea was to zone in on a specific demographic, in this case email users, and it worked like a charm. This is probably one of the earliest examples of growth hacking.

Growth Hacking in its most basic sense is a form of interactive marketing that focuses on user connectivity and social trends to stimulate business growth (growth being the primary focus). Just like using a billboard in a heavily trafficked area, growth hacking targets the endlessly trafficked online world.

#Facebook, for example, has nearly 500 million users. That equates to a half a billion people checking their laptops and phones every day multiple times a day. So how do you target these people? You focus on people who are already interested in a brand similar to yours and in a sense piggy back off that brand by using subtle tactics like key words, blogs and videos that relate to your brand whilst putting them on the most relevant websites and in the correct forums.

Again, growth hacking does require technical proficiency along with statistical researching to know how when and where to attract attention to your brand. Although some have been lucky enough to have their brand go viral on a fluke, the majority of brands and apps that have gone viral were a direct result of heavy research and meticulous A/B testing paired with good ole fashioned trial and error. That being said, growth hacking can actually harm your brand just as much as it can help it if you confuse growth hacking with flooding the internet, this is where you may want to hire or at the very least seek guidance from an experienced growth hacker to ensure that your brand is marketed online properly.

We have lots more tips, FREE downloads and helpful advise that can help you. If you need more small business tips, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeCanBuildYourBusiness #Manchester can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

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10 Helpful #PR Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

Standing out from the crowd has never been more challenging. After all, we are busier communicating with each other and more connected globally than we’ve ever been.

At the time of writing, just under half the world’s population (46.1%) is online (that’s over 3,600,000,000 people).

We’re operating 1,231,343,424 websites and crafting, drafting and posting 5,000,000 blogs every 24 hours.

Every single second we’re sharing 7,000 tweets, uploading 729 images to Instagram, watching 125,406 videos on You Tube and conducting 54,000 Google searches (back in 1998 when it launched Google was handling a paltry 10,000 search queries per day).

So how do owner-managers like you make themselves heard above such a digital racket?

The answer is simple.

You don’t need to reach out to every single person online, on Facebook or Twitter.

In your niche business-to-business village you only have to target, engage and communicate with dozens, hundreds or thousands of customers and prospects, not millions, billions or trillions.

That’s a much less daunting prospect, one you can achieve with the right PR communications strategy and tactics in place to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear where it matters most.

However, before you launch any new PR and communications activity, why not give yourself a quick PR healthcheck.

Use my 10 essential steps as a guide to help you review how you can engage more effectively with your B2B community.

1 Always pursue perfection 
Try to be the best you can be at what you do. An obvious aspiration for all of us, no matter what our field of expertise. But it is your job to make sure this is a reality for your business now rather than a distant future pipe-dream. Remember, it takes just as much time and effort to something badly as it does to do it well.

2 Your true public image  
Everything you say and do, or don’t say and don’t do, contributes to your public image and how people will perceive you and your business. People always like to talk about a bad experience rather than a good one. Think of the things that really annoy you when you’re purchasing, engaging or building a business relationship! Then avoid doing them yourself.

3 Your  people count
As a business employing people, you’re only as effective as your weakest link. That’s why it is important to have the buy-in from your entire team when you’re striving to be the best. If you’re embarking on PR and communications activity, make sure your team is kept in the picture. Explain what you’re doing and why … and welcome positive feedback.  They are your ambassadors, frontline champions. Your PR and communications campaigns will work harder for you with their support.

4 Accumulate empirical evidence 
You are an expert in your chosen field. You want others to see you are too. Gather empirical evidence to show your expertise. Keep a project log to record progress.  Note challenges and how you’re resolving them.  Crucially, ask your client’s opinion about the job you’re doing and write their words down. Third-party endorsements are priceless (don’t forget to ask for their consent if you want to share their comments). Once banked, you can draw on the empirical evidence you’ve accumulated to show others that you have the expertise to meet their similar issues.

5 Express your expertise 
You’ve invested time, money and effort acquiring expertise in a niche field where you shine. You’ve also invested your energies into recording empirical evidence to show your expertise. Naturally you want to share this expertise with the people who need it. Existing and future customers who face challenges you can help solve. Opinion formers who influence how people think in your sector. Peers who will applaud your achievements. Creating and sharing content shows how you identify and solve the challenges faced in your niche business sector. Doing this on a regular on-going basis (rather than one-off campaigns) will help you become a recognised authority people respect and want to hear from. When you speak they will listen.

6 Reach out and share 
There are many ways to produce content to prove your expertise. These range from press releases, case studies and video to blogs, opinion pieces and speaker events. Use them all if you can. Similarly, share information across all available media platforms from traditional print and broadcast media to publishing content on your own website and via your own and third party social media and online tools. Use them all but make sure you specifically tailor content for each platform. We all have all our idiosyncratic ways of connecting and what applies to one person might not apply to the next. The skill is to take a great story and make it really bust a gut for you.

7 Benchmarking 
There are only two real benchmark figures that business owner-managers are truly interested in … sales and margins. Any other statistics, although important, are merely window dressing compared to the main attraction of carrying out profitable business. However, visits to your www, opens on e-mail newsletters and white paper downloads are terrific indicators that your PR and communications activity is reaching out to the right people. The stats are relevant as proofs that the busier you are, the more people you can engage with on a regular basis.  Remember, if you say and do nothing, nobody will be able to listen to your or discover your about business.

8 Talking or stalking? 
There is lots of really clever automation and ID software to inform you about the people you’re reaching with your PR and communications activity. However, that information is only going to be of use to you if you are remain relevant to them after you’ve captured their initial interest. Now you’ve grabbed their attention, regularly release and share more engaging content rather than try to get them to buy before they are read.  All the content you’re producing is building confidence in you and driving them towards a one-to-one conversation, which is going to be your best opportunity to convert interest and engagement into a profitable sale and sustained business relationship.

9: Busy bees! 
Successful PR and communications is a marathon, not a sprint. You want to plan your activity over a sustained period of time. Release and share content on an on-going regular planned proactive basis rather than adopting a frenzied shotgun approach, blasting away hoping you might hit something. You’ve created engaging killer content based on your expertise and solution solving credentials. You’ve built sharing platforms to reach out to existing customers and prospects. Your final part of your plan is to put together a release schedule, ideally covering a 12 month period and designed to co-incide with complementary activity taking place locally, nationally or internationally.

10: Make decisions 
When the late Tim Bacon, co-founder and owner of Living Ventures, spoke at a hospitality trade event in Manchester a few years ago, he talked about the importance of decision making. “You have got to keep making decisions. It does not matter if they are right or wrong because if you make a wrong decision and you’ve got the brains to decide that it is wrong you just change it for another decision and eventually you will start getting it right. That is the process of success, being prepared to make decisions and making mistakes.”

As Tim rightly implied, if you’re NOT making any decisions about PR and communications, then you’re merely going to be treading water, waiting for something to happen without any real attempt to control your own journey or pro-actively influence your destiny.

Author Andrew Field – AFC #Marketing Manchester


We Can Build Your Business  #SmallBusinessSupport in Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.


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Five #DigitalMarketing Trends that are Dominating 2018

The #marketing sector can be an extremely complex place. There are always new marketing tools and strategies launched which means marketers are always on their toes trying to keep in sync with these trends. And 2018 has been no different; there are a number of new trends that have emerged and are dominating the #digitalmarketing space. Here we take a look at five of them.

1.#Mobile Dominates #Laptops And Other Smart Devices

In 2017, #PCs, desktop and laptop dominated the digital marketing landscape and a large number of people used these devices to browse the Internet. But all of that has changed now and 2018 is considered to be the age of smart devices. There are a number of devices on the market that satisfy various digital requirements with a single gadget. This also means that digital marketers need to focus more on marketing and smartphone users. The prediction also is that there will be a significant boost in the usage of mobile apps in the forthcoming years.

2.High-quality #ContentMarketing 

While content has always been king, this is more evident in 2018 than ever. Smart marketers are now focusing on posting high-quality content on their clients’ websites. They ensure that all the other marketing strategies are completely in sync with improving the customer experience and this relies very heavily on the right type of content marketing. Static content no longer makes the cut as clients are now looking to deliver top quality content to their existing and prospective customers.

3.Improved #Video Advertisements

The visual medium has always been one of the best ways to market products and services. But now consumers are showing a distinct preference and acceptance of video advertising. This is also why online marketers are creating and posting relevant, visually rich as well as interactive content. The biggest of brands post engaging videos on various social media platforms in a bid to differentiate their brand from their competitors.

4.Social Media Platforms Gain Prominence

There’s been a boost in the use of social media to promote products services on the Internet and this trend is predicted to increase in the forthcoming years. Small & large-scale businesses are now using various social channels to promote their business websites, products, services and other offerings. Online marketers make sure that the social media profiles of their clients are updated with regularity and that a constant conversation occurs between companies and their customers.

5.Growth Hacking is Here to Stay

#GrowthHacking is essentially the process of identifying what the most efficient and practical ways of increasing business growth are. These are a combination of traditional and unconventional marketing techniques to improve business growth. Digital marketers are grabbing the attention of their clients’ target audiences via social media channels, organic ads, and viral marketing. All of this is set to take growth hacking onto the next level.

These are just some of the most prominent digital marketing trends that are dominating 2018. The one way to stay ahead of the competition is to ensure that you use these and focus on maintaining consistency and dynamism in your marketing approach.

We have lots more tips, FREE downloads and helpful advise that can help you. If you need more small business tips, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeCanBuildYourBusiness #Manchester can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

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#GDPR: What it Means for #GoogleAnalytics & #OnlineMarketing

The General Data Privacy Regulation (#GDPR) went into effect on 25 May 2018 and online marketers have been scrambling to ensure that their clients’ websites and #GoogleAnalytics efforts are in compliance with these the new standards. Since Google provides a large number of services to marketers, these the #GDPR changes have also brought about a change in the manner in which the Internet giant conducts business.


However, there is a lot of confusion and lack of clarity within the online digital community about exactly what’s the GDPR is and will be required to do in order to follow all the rules.


GDPR-What Is It?

GDPR is essentially an extremely broad reform that has given citizens that reside in #EEA (European Economic) and Switzerland regions, a greater amount of control over the manner in which their personal data is collected and used in the online space. There are a lot of new rules that have been introduced, and some of the most significant changes include:

  • Organizations and companies are required to clearly state what information they are collecting, the manner in which it’s being collected, what it will be used for and whether it will be shared with anyone.
  • They are permitted to collect information only which is directly relevant for the intended use.
  • If the company that collects information decides at a later point to use it for some other purpose, they are required to gain permission from every individual again.
  • These new changes that also spell out the manner in which information needs to be provided to consumers. It is no longer permissible for this information to be hidden within lengthy privacy policies that are choc-a-bloc with legal jargon.
  • Consumers have the right to see the information that companies are collecting about them. If the information is incorrect, they can request that it be corrected.
  • Consumers can also revoke permission for all their information to be saved, in case they choose to switch to another service. The existing company is obligated to export the data to the new service provider.
  • Once a person’s information has been assimilated, but there are certain requirements in how the information can be stored and protected by. In case of any data breach, consumers are required to be notified within a matter of 72 hours.

Changes to #GoogleAnalytics

These are just a few of the important changes that have been brought in by the GDPR. Online marketers that use Google Analytics, now have to make changes in their clients account to ensure that it is set up to meet all the new GDPR requirements.

Google has rolled out new features that allow marketers the functionality to delete information of an individual user as requested.

New data retention settings have been introduced, that gives marketers control over the duration for which the data is stored.

The best way for marketers to ensure that the analytics processes they’re using are in compliance with GDPR is to start with ensuring the data they are collecting from consumers is relevant to the intended online marketing purpose.

We have lots more tips, FREE downloads and helpful advise that can help you. If you need more small business tips, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeCanBuildYourBusiness #Manchester can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

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Professionals UK – Join TODAY For #Free

Professionals UK is a leading online portal for finding professional services and business networking. We uniquely provide an open platform for making new contacts and attracting service enquiries. There is the national website and eight regional websites, with international versions to launch soon.

We are one of the largest professional groups in the UK with over 20,000 members and over 10,000 in the North West region.

Our portal helps businesses and individuals find professional services and consultants through profiles of recommended and qualified professionals, articles and updates.

Enquiries can be made centrally to us to source the most suitable professionals / consultants for free.

Professional members benefit through attracting enquiries, accessing potential clients directly and making new contacts for referrals.

Features and benefits to join as a professional include:

  •  Attracting incoming enquiries from visitors and members
  •  Send introductory and group messages to members without being connected, without a limit on the number of people in a region
  • Posting updates and articles to the whole group and on the public website
  • Posting events, courses and seminars
  • Contents are regularly featured in newsletters

The public access the website as an informative means to find the most appropriate professional service through reading detailed profiles, articles and updates.

There are eight regional websites that are linked to the national website: Manchester, Cheshire, Chester, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and London Professionals.



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