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How to Boost Sales and Bring in More Customers on #Halloween

Business owners can use a number of sales strategies and techniques to bring in more customers and increase their sales during #Halloween and similar holidays as customers are  in a positive mood and more willing to spend money during the holidays. Many of them actively look for holiday deals and discounts so it’s a good idea to start implementing them during Halloween. At #We can Build Your Business, we recommend the following strategies:

1.Send gift cards and discount codes to Customers

Send emails with gift cards or discount codes to customers immediately before Halloween and make sure the code is only valid for a limited amount of time. This creates a sense of urgency and compels customers to make a purchase in order to avail of the discount. This is a tried and tested way to get more customers and increase sales.

2.Add Halloween Decor

Halloween decor invokes the festive spirit and has an impact on the customer’s decision to purchase. A spooky but cute storefront will put them in a good mood and compel them to make a purchase. You don’t need to revamp the entire front of the website because that can be very expensive and have an impact on your revenue. Just alter the visible but flexible elements of the website to give it a Halloween twist. These are easy and quick to do and they can be replaced easily in time for Christmas. We recommend the options mentioned below:

  • Adding a pop-up banner for Halloween on the landing page.
  • Altering the picture on the homepage banner or slider.
  • Changing the CTA according to the Halloween theme

3.Add Halloween-related Bog Posts

These blog posts will bring in a considerable amount of traffic. Look for commonly asked questions and provide answers to them. “Halloween gift ideas”, “Halloween decor ideas”, “Halloween games”, etc. are popular searches around this time and creating blog posts and content based on that can help you get more traffic to the store. Blog posts have enduring value so you can update them and re-post them the following year and still bring in traffic so it’s a good idea to spend some time and create good content.

4. Be active on # Social Media

Social Media  is a great platform to engage and entertain customers. Business owners can comment on posts, alter their profile name to something Halloween-related, and start contests and quizzes. For example, you can ask customers to post pictures of them in their Halloween custom with a hashtag related to your business and offer a reward to the best costume. This way you have a potentially trending hashtag and a lot of user-generated content to help with #SEO.

If you want to know more about # Halloween marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business  #SmallBusinessSupport in Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.


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