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Top Tips to Help Your #StartUpBusiness in 2018

It is  still quite easy to #StartUp a small business in today’s climate, even after #Brexit. #StartUpBusinesses still  have access to different finances including #StartUpLoans,  #AngelInvestors, #EquityCrowdFunding to name a few. Even though we are experiencing times of uncertainty many of our Business experts remain fairly positive.

We are hearing that niche companies will be more successful as business success will come from further focusing on smaller, very specific audiences. Going extremely deep with customised messages and specialised platforms to a highly receptive and loyal audience will replace the wide “shot gun”approach in marketing. We may see more soft or no ask/call to action marketing focused on community building, experiences and lifestyle over product specific messaging.

This tells us there is definitely room for small businesses to stand on an even footing with the larger companies. Because of this, it is not really surprising that we are still finding a number of people are becoming entrepreneurs instead of sticking to their 9 to 5 jobs.

Unfortunately, while starting a business has become easier, ensuring its success has become more difficult. In most cases, people start a business with great enthusiasm only to find that being successful isn’t as easy as they first assumed it would be. Here’s a brief guide that We Can Build Your Business has put together for you. These are small business tips for #smallbusinesses which will most certainly help:

  1. Be Mentally Prepared Whether you are just starting out or you are an established business owner, you need to be mentally prepared for all the ups and downs of the business world. Even established businesses can experience slow times or face financial instability. A small business owner needs to be aware of the risks and understand the level of commitment required.
  1. Understand the Target Audience  It’s important to understand who your customers are going to be, what their habits and preferences are, and what would appeal to them. When you’re aware of such information, you can easily create a marketing campaign that works well and would appeal to a wide audience. Understanding your customers will also help you form the right company policies and culture. This will increase your chances of success. This is one of the most important small business tips for #StartUp businesses.
  1. Don’t Ignore Social Media Social media is no longer optional. If you’ve set up company pages on Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, you need to be there to engage the audience. Your customers will expect you to reply to their comments and reviews within a matter of 1 or 2 days. If you don’t do that, your reputation might take a hit. Being active on social media has become a part of customer service. People will expect you to be there. One way to reduce the time you need to spend on social media is to be where your customers are. If most of your prospective customers are on LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to be more active on LinkedIn. You will find that #SocialMedia is at the top of almost all articles featuring small business tips. That’s how important it is to be active on these networks.
  1. Network like Crazy Businesses thrive on networking. Smart business owners will constantly build their repertoire of business contacts. They will attend networking events and get to know the who’s who. You never know when you might need a contact, after all.

We have lots more tips, FREE downloads and helpful advise that can help you. If you need more small business tips, please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business can offer solid advice to help small businesses grow confidently.

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