3 Ways to Make Your #Blog Posts Go #Viral

3 Ways to Make Your #Blog Posts Go #Viral

We all at some point or the other, have heard about online ‘viral’ content. It’s something that every #blogger dreams of, yet it isn’t an easy task to achieve this. So what exactly does it mean when we say something has gone viral? And what makes a blog go #viral?

Here we look 3 ways to make your blog posts go viral. 

#ViralBlogPost- What Is It?

A viral blog post is one that’s shared by thousands if not millions of people. Social media use is on the rise, which means there is definite potential for different types of content to go viral. Videos and photos are more likely to go viral and incorporating these into your blog post is one way to set it on the path to popularity. Viral content on #YouTube and #Facebook can get literally millions of hits and it also helps you get a greater number of #backlinks, giving your blog the vast exposure it needs.

Key Components of a Viral Blog Post

In order to be viral, blog posts need to strike the right chord with a large number of people. Most viral content could be any one or a combination of these aspects:

  • Controversial
  • Unique and useful
  • Trendy topic
  • Humorous

It isn’t possible for a blog post to have all of these ingredients. However, your post would need at least one or maybe two of them to become viral. 

How to Create Viral Content

Most bloggers wonder whether there is some secret formula that will help them create viral content. Sadly, there isn’t; but here are some things you can do to increase the chances of your blog post going viral:

1.Focus On Creating Large Volumes Of Good Quality Content

It’s important to keep in view that only good content will go viral and it’s unreasonable to expect that all your blog posts will be hit the popularity charts. But when you post a significant amount of great content regularly, that ups your chances of some of it going viral. Ensure your blog has a unique angle as well as a personal touch.

2.Get The #Title Right

The importance of having a great title for your blog post, can’t be overstressed. This is the very first thing #onlineaudiences will see. Aside from this, the title also has bearing on how your post gets indexed by search engines. A catchy title is one of the best ways to increase the chances of your post being shared.

3.The Perfect Balance of Original and Trending Content

It’s important to write about #trending yet original topics, rather than pen something on off-beat topics that most people aren’t aware of or care about. The one way to do this is to conduct research on sites such as #Reddit and #Quora as well as #Google .Trends to see what’s ‘in’. While picking a trending topic is crucial, the content you post needs to have a unique angle to it. In addition, add images and videos to your post, as this can increase the popularity of your post #phenomenally.

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