4 Easy but Powerful Ways to #Snowball Your #Christmas Sales

4 Easy but Powerful Ways to #Snowball Your #Christmas Sales

With only a week to go until #Christmas, many of us are frantically rushing round  trying to finish our #ChristmasShopping on the #HighStreet and #Online. Many retailers have massive sales during the holidays where shoppers can benefit from huge savings.

Online shopping has become more popular than ever before but with such a large number of e-commerce sites, it is difficult for just one to stand out and a new website campaign to increase sales can take months to have an effect on customers.

So We Can Build Your Business look at a few easy ways to #Snowball your sales this #Christmas:

  1. Keyword Research Based On Seasons

Keywords are the foundation of #SEO and other forms of digital marketing, and this aspect is constantly evolving. Typically, keywords that have high traffic change during Christmas time. Use an online tool to do keyword research on holiday-related keywords that have high traffic. Make sure that the content crafted is based on the seasonal keywords & maintain a density of 1-2%. This ensures that #Google will select the keywords on your website and get you a higher ranking on search results.

  1. #Christmas Related #Blogs

Other than product descriptions and content, it is important to have a creative Christmas-based blog that highlights your products and brand. Blogs keep the website updated and helps in your SEO efforts too. It also gives you the option to build internal links increasing the click-through rate. Blogs are necessary to boost online sales. During the holidays, they can be used to boost customer engagement, your brand image, and create a greater social impact as well.

  1. Keep Your Website Mobile Friendly 

It is crucial for your website to function on both computers and mobile devices as many customers Christmas-shop via their mobiles. It is much more convenient as all it requires is a few taps on the keypad, on the go.

  1. Shine the Spotlight on Snippets

Today, 99% of all featured snippets show up in the top-10 ranking on Google search results. Customers will be a lot more inclined to click on your website if your brand is featured on a snippet. It helps increase your online presence and boosts traffic. Even though getting a snippet can get competitive, it will increase your web traffic during Christmas time.

To have a successful e-commerce website, long-term planning is crucial. It has to be planned months in advance before Christmas, and the increase in competition isn’t making it any easier. However, you can follow these strategies even closer to the holiday season as they can still have a massive impact on your sales and profitability.

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