4 Tips on How Good #Content & #Copywriting Can Improve Website Conversion Rates

4 Tips on How Good #Content & #Copywriting Can Improve Website Conversion Rates

When new users visit your website the first thing they will notice is your website’s design and layout. The second thing to catch their attention will be the #content. The website look and design is the magnet to attract visitors. The #copywriting makes sure that they linger and consider your products and services seriously. At We Can Build Your Business, we encourage you to consider the tips mentioned below, as they will most definitely help you to improve your website conversation rates.

1. Consider the Personality Profile of Your #TargetAudience

When you speak with someone, you modify your speech patterns and words according to the person’s age and personality. For example, you would’t speak to a child in the same way you would speak to an adult nor would you address someone in authority the same way you would to a close friend or family member. This principle also applies to your copywriting.  Create a personality profile for your target audience and determine whether they’re impulsive, logical, aggressive, or prone to kindness. You can shape your copywriting content according to the profile.

2. Use Active or #PowerWords

You need to use words that prompt your prospective customers to act or illicit a strong emotional response from them. You can do that through action words/power words. Action words, as the name suggests, describe an action. They include words like buy, sell, choose, listen, read, etc. When you use them in your copywriting content, you encourage your customers to act. Power words like proven, money, value, verified, surging, great, wonderful, etc, immediate catch the customer’s interest and act as subconscious triggers.

3. Users Will Skim Content – Write Accordingly

Your target audiences are never going to read every sentence in your copywriting content. They will usually  skim through the material and pick up on the most important points. You should write the content in a format that will allow your users to read the material easily. Include things like bullet points, headings and subheadings, and bold word or italicise words that you want your customers to focus on. If your content is too difficult to read, your customers will look elsewhere instead of making an effort to go through it carefully.

4. Unique Content for #UniquePages

Your website will have unique pages like the About Us page, Landing Pages, Homepage, etc. Product description pages are not unique because you need to provide correct facts and information on the product or service you are providing. The unique pages, on the other hand, are an opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with your customers and help them connect with your brand. You can speak in your own voice and craft a personality for your brand on these pages. For example, some brands sound fun, quirky, and sarcastic while some sound sophisticated and elegant. These personalities can help you connect with your prospective customers and encourage loyalty.

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