4 Top Tips to Help #Start-Ups Boost Sales

4 Top Tips to Help #Start-Ups Boost Sales

Every #Start-Up #Business needs a steady flow of sales to keep it afloat in the early crucial stages to ensure ultimate survival. If you feel that things are not going exactly going as you planned and your sales are struggling then here are 4 important steps to take to boost your sales

1.Prioritise You #LeadGeneration

You need to ensure that your sales pipeline is being fed by lots of leads. Easier said than done you may be saying but it is imperative that you don’t take your eye off the ball in such an important stage. If your pipeline is full then the sales are bound to happen.

Leads can be generated from multiple avenues both online and offline, but as your marketing budget will either be very slim or virtually non- existent hen let us look firstly at the most cost effective.

Simple things like referrals from family and friends are certainly going to be invaluable to you in the early stages as a referral from a trusted party is like a golden handshake and these referrals usually result in very high conversion rates.

Another tried and tested method of growing your leads, is the good old fashioned way of picking up the phone and “cold calling. “ I know this method may hold a bit of a stigma but as a new business you cannot rest on your laurels. Being pro-active and reaching out to your target audience in a polite friendly manner is a cost effective way of generating new leads. It also helps if you can offer them an incentive to engage with you as most people cannot resist offers or discounts.   As I said this method has been tried and tested by sales people for years and it can fill your pipeline with lots of potential buyers.

If you have a marketing budget, lead generation through online paid advertisements can also attract more visitors to your website and give you an immediate reach, allowing you to appear higher up in popular search engines. Paid ads are easy to set up but can become difficult to master and with pay per click, if you’re receiving a lot of irrelevant clicks, it can quickly become quite costly. I would suggest that you keep a regular keen eye on the dashboard of each paid ad monitoring and controlling your spend and the amount of clicks you are receiving.

2. #Upsell and #Crosssell Current Customers.

It’s not always about seeking new business. It’s worth looking at your current customers and seeing whether it would be beneficial for them to upgrade their current product, or if another service you provide could help them further. Be genuine and reach out to them with the intention and interest of helping the customer achieve success.
Current customers can be fantastic prospects to upsell/cross sell because at this point, you’ve already built a relationship with them and they trust your product. Demonstrate how you are in service to your customers and why you are someone they should trust and value in return for their business; that you ultimately have shared goals from any upsell or cross-sell recommendation


Social media is an excellent marketing tool. It can help build brand visibility, draw more customers, encourage people to make purchases, and help you stay connected with your target audience. If you have an interesting and active social media presence, you will have a consistent customer base that can provide steady profits. Pick appropriate channels that fit your business, create relevant content, effectively schedule appropriately and build your audience through consistent and engaging posts.
Picking the right platform is also crucial in increasing your audience reach. Find out which social channel would connect you to as many customers as possible and invest your time growing your brand there.

The bigger your audience, the more potential buyers you’ll have and the more engaging your posts are, the higher the chance your content is shared, furthermore expanding your exposure

4. #VideoMarketing

Video Marketing is certainly the latest trend to hit the digital landscape and everybody  is talking about it right now. If you’ve been told that video marketing is the future… then  you’ve been told right.

Since #digitaltechnology is getting cheaper and more readily available, more people are using mobile phones and tablets to interact with content. Video marketing can no longer be ignored as it is one of the most powerful marketing tools online right now, getting more popular every day. With today’s cutting edge technology it’s easy to keep up with the ever changing demands, and with people wanting information presented in a quick, concise and entertaining format, video marketing has become the new norm.

Video marketing has a greater capacity to attract huge traffic and grab users’ attention. In fact, video marketing is the most preferred and suitable form of marketing  for small local businesses or brands  which are yet to establish themselves and reach new heights. In today’s marketing domain, a video is the centre focus for the customers as well as businesses.

Finally ………. #VideoMarketing is taking off this marketing season and #SocialMedia and the internet will see a rise in the amount of video content uploaded in 2018. Are you equipped to adapt to the new marketing trends of 2018?

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