5 Tips to Help You Think Up New #Blog Topics Quickly  

5 Tips to Help You Think Up New #Blog Topics Quickly  

Maintaining a constant supply of good quality #creativecontent is one of the most challenging aspects of content marketing. Professionals often experience content fatigue and writer’s block where they can’t come up with new ideas or are unable to fulfil them.  If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas, #WeCanBuildYourBusiness, small business support in #Manchester have put together some tips and tips that can help:

1.Study the positive and the negative

Switching perspective and opinion on a topic and presenting a different viewpoint to the audience will draw attention and interest. If you’ve written positively about a particular topic, try to showcase the downsides in another related article. Doing this has a number of advantages as you present a serious and balanced perspective to the audience.

As the two articles are related to one another, they can be linked internally and share the traffic juice. For example, you can write, “The disadvantages of being a digital marketing professional” as a companion piece to, “The advantages of being a marketing professional.”

2.Search Online 

The best content is the content that answers questions and it’s easy to find questions with a brief online search. Create a list of#keywords relevant to your industry and search the terms online. Make a note of all the questions users ask and consider them carefully to determine which one has the best potential for content.

Most questions will be too easy or unsuitable for creating long-form content but quite a few questions will have good potential. The answer to these questions will bring more audience to your platform and help establish authority in the industry.

3.Refresh your #Content 

Many marketers hesitate to refresh their old content because they don’t want to appear lazy and alienate their target audience. Most fail to release that updating content doesn’t make them appear lazy as the target audience see it as them being diligent and professional. For example, an article with advice on best #SEO techniques written before a #Google algorithm update isn’t current or relevant. By refreshing it and adding current data, you ensure the audiences get the latest information on the topic.

If you combine regular content with refreshed content, the target audience might not notice any difference between the two. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance between old and new content.

4.Create a List 

Lists are some of the easiest forms of content to write and they showcase your authority well. They’re also easy to read, comprehend, and don’t require much time, which is very appealing to modern audiences. Topics like, “10 best” or “5 worst” etc, allows you to present a large amount of information in a concise and organised manner.

5.Break the content down 

Some topics can be divided into smaller sections and made into a series of articles. For example, a topic like “What is #SEO ?” and can be broken down into several different topics like, “What is technical SEO?” or “What is local SEO?”

These techniques will help you find more interesting topics for content creation strategy.

If you want to know more about creating interesting creative content for your #website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business  #SmallBusinessSupport in Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.


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