7 Steps to Help you Stay #Positive & Avoid the #JanuaryBlues

7 Steps to Help you Stay #Positive & Avoid the #JanuaryBlues

As we head into January and all the e festivities of Christmas and New Year are behind us many of us may be drawn in a very low mood or mindset.

The weather is cold, dark and wet and we may struggle to jump out of bed with a smile on our face feeling energised. We turn on our TV’s and radio’s and listen to more doom and gloom going on in the world around us. For many of us going out to work in the morning, feeling good about ourselves and our day ahead may be a far call from the truth.

So how do we get ourselves and feeling strong and #positive and ensure we do not get drawn into those #JanuaryBlues ?

Here are 7 steps to help you:

1 Think Positive

Thinking positive is one of the most important emotions we can feel as everything starts with our minds. Thoughts turn into feelings and then they  turn in actions. If you tell yourself you can’t do something you will most certainly fail where as if you tell yourself you can do it,  you will definitely increase your chances of accomplishing your goal. Keep your mind clear and happy and your thoughts positive as this habit will help bring greater success into your personal and professional life.

TIP : When a negative thought comes into your mind immediately swap it with a positive one. Think of something that makes you feel good, maybe it’s your local football team’s greatest win (for me that was being  at Barcelona watching Manchester United holding up the #EuuropeanCup & most recently #OleGunnarSolskjaer returning to #OldTrafford and turning our team around!)  Or it  maybe the first smile you saw on your child’s face.

2 Focus on the Future

Far too many of us dwell on the past and let this block our vision of the future. If you are caught up in negatives and you cannot stop thinking about something bad that has happened to you or something somebody has said to upset you, it is so very easy to keep playing this bad movie over and over again in your head. At times like this you need to break this bad habit and visualise on good things and what you want your future to be.  It helps if you write down your goals and create a positive vision board. This way you will only focus on the positives and it is far easier to see the good things you want in your life and business.

TIP : Make a list of all the things you want in your life and business and then go online and find them. Print a picture of each item and pin them up on a board in your office or home. If you can look at this vision board at the start of every day it will help you easily imagine yourself owning each item which in turn will make you feel good about yourself.

3 Read and listen to Positive Information.

Another way of creating a positive mind set is by filling it with positive information. There are too many instances when we gather information from the wrong places and we end up being drawn into negative news about the world and this eats into our subconscious. How do we get out of this negative rut? The answer is that we need to be very selective about what we let dominate our minds. Pick up an inspirational book, find a positive article online or listen to an inspirational positive CD. These positive items will all open your mind and encourage, inspire and teach you how to create a positive mindset.

TIP : Put a positive CD in your car, home stereo or in your office. Listen to this for the duration of your car drive or 30 minutes per day in your home or office. You then need to put this positive into what you have planned that day.

4 Plan Ahead.

It is a fact that if we use our time efficiently it will maintain a positive attitude. The best way you can do this is to plan your daily routine and week in advance. Keeping to your daily and weekly action plan will void procrastination taking over and ensure you reach your goals. The habit of planning and focusing on your priorities and important tasks will most certainly help you accomplish more in less time. It will keep your life in check and keep you on the right track towards your goals and help you acknowledge your achievements.

TIP : Each day sit at your desk for ten minutes and map out your next day. Adopting this exercise can save you two hours the next day.

5 Get around Positive People

Stay away from pessimistic negative people, negative people can draw the energy and drive from within you so instead surround yourself with happy positive people. Being around like minded forward thinking positive people will help you enormously and keep your energy levels on track.

TIP : Think about someone that you greatly respect and whom has the positive traits that you want to posses yourself. Try to meet up with that person regularly, if you do you will find that their positive attitude will become part of you.

6 Be Grateful

Take some time every day to be grateful and thankful for what you have in your life right now and restrain from focusing on the things you don’t have. Being grateful for what you actually have will encourage positivity. This is one of the best ways to turn negative thinking into a positive straight away.

TIP : Write down ten things you are grateful for and read them over at least ten times every day.

7 Exercise More

Regular exercise will always help improve your mood and make you feel much better about yourself. A Healthy body encourages a healthy mind and it will keep depression and stress at bay. When you feel better about yourself, it encourages confidence and well being which will help you in your personal and professional challenges.

TIP : Either hit the treadmill, go swimming  or go for a 30 minute brisk walk outside. Ensuring that regular exercise is part of your daily or weekly routine will help create and maintain positive thinking.

Remember….It is you and only you who can create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others. Following these Steps can bring you closer to the success and happiness you desire in both your personal and business endeavours.

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