Are #Hashtags still Relevant & Powerful on Social Media in 2018?

Are #Hashtags still Relevant & Powerful on Social Media in 2018?


Today most businesses use Social Media Platforms as a way of communicating with their target audience and the outside world to promote their Brand and increase Sales. Unfortunately we see that many businesses may not know how to use Social Media platforms to their full potential. One simple aspect that business owners have a hard time mastering is the #hashtag, a simple, yet powerful tool, that can help drive new leads…..

So, we ask the question:

Are #Hashtags still relevant on Social Media Platforms in 2018?

While the answer is still yes, we would just like to point out that business owners must first learn how to use them strategically and in moderation.

We Can Build Your Business have put to together some useful tips and information on using #Hashtags in 2018


  1. What are Hashtags and Why are they Important?

Quite simply hashtags are a word or combination of words placed after the Hash sign (#) that are used frequently throughout social media posts in order to connect with a topic. Hashtags can sometimes be best understood by relating them to categories of social media content. They work by allowing users to search for content related to a specific topic or theme category, organised by related hashtags. Sometimes it helps to think of hashtags like a search engine for social media content.


  1. How to benefit from the use Hashtags effectively on Social Media

Businesses using Social Media can benefit by tracking specific hashtags related to their industry and targeting audiences based off of the types of hashtags they are using. Hashtags can also help to create online communities and meaningful conversations centred around local events, breaking news, and trending topics. Hashtags allow businesses to both track and take part in these conversations.

Hashtags can also have a positive impact a business’s social KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It is important to understand that most businesses use hashtags in order to boost engagement (increase the number of likes and comments on posts). Posts that do not use them will have limited engagement in comparison.  There are also other great opportunities for businesses when using hashtags.

For example, if your business has a stand in a local Business Exhibition or Trade Show, check to see if the Trade Show is using an official event hashtag. If there is an event hashtag, why not use it to attract more people to your booth? You could send out a #Tweet using the event hashtag which could be used to drive more foot traffic to your stand.


  1. How Do We Use Hashtags Strategically and in Moderation?

The strategic aspect of using hashtags comes from several different variables that must first be considered. When deciding on which hashtags to use, ask the following questions:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Where is my business located?
  • Where is my target audience located?
  • Which social media networks am I using?
  • What are my overall objectives with social media?
  • What KPI’s am I using to measure my social media objectives?

Tip: Take a look at what types of hashtags are being used by competitors and key industry influencers.


  1. Which Social Media Platforms should we use?

Hashtags can be used on many different social media networks; however, in our experience, they work best on both Instagram and Twitter (and more recently Linkedin.) This is because they are used far more frequently on these social networks when compared to other popular networks such as Facebook. Both Instagram and Twitter hashtags are great for consolidating similar content and creating online conversations.


  1. Should the Same Hashtags be used on every Post?

With the exception of branded hashtags, using the same hashtags on every social media post is lazy and ineffective in 2018. With Instagram’s 2018 algorithm update, copying and pasting the same hashtags on every post could be seen as spam and may negatively impact a post’s visibility. When applicable, it is important to switch up the use of hashtags to ensure that they are specific and relevant to the content in each post.


  1. How many Hashtags should be used per Social Media Post?

There is no magic number for how many hashtags one should use per social media post; however, it is important to make sure that hashtags are unique to each post and the target audience. On Twitter, we would recommend using 1-2 hashtags per Tweet. On Instagram, we would suggest somewhere between 5-15, although Instagram does allow up to 30 hashtags in a single post.


Summary – Top Tips for using Hashtags on Your Social Media Posts

To ensure that Social Media posts do not appear “spammy” or attract the wrong audience, follow our social media hashtag tips below.

Tip 1 – Use Hashtags in moderation

Hashtags should be used in moderation. Do not spam a post with 30 hashtags if they are irrelevant and do not use hashtags on a post for no reason. With hashtags, it is all about quality over quantity. As a general rule of thumb, less is more.

Tip 2 – Create a Branded Hashtag

Implementing a branded hashtag can create an online community that allows businesses to easily track user content connected to a brand. When creating a branded hashtag, remember to keep it unique so that it doesn’t attract irrelevant content.

Tip 3 . Capitalise Your Hashtags

When compiling hashtags for a particular social media post, it’s a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word in the hashtag, especially if it is a phrase. This increases the hashtag’s readability and decreases the chance of it being misinterpreted.

Tip 4. Choose Your Hashtags Carefully

With hashtags, quality control is important as you do not want them to have a negative impact. Read your hashtag out aloud and get opinions from your colleagues. Some Hashtags may have an unintentional alternative connotation so you must be very careful with your choices.

Use of  Social Media Platforms can help create a stronger brand identity, some business owners have a hard time knowing which platforms will work best for them.

Here at We Can Build Your Business we know every business is unique and we take the time to look and appraise every business individually to ensure we drive your campaigns forward successfully to obtain the best results.

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