Are You Ready? Is Your Business Prepared for the #Christmas Holiday Period?

Are You Ready? Is Your Business Prepared for the #Christmas Holiday Period?

The run up to the #Christmas #Holiday period can be extremely busy for many businesses. To ensure you are fully prepared and ready for the festive season, here are a few tips to make the most of the end-of-the-year sales for your #Business :

  1. Incentivise & Motivate Your Staff

Making your staff work additional man-hours for free is hopefully something you do not typically follow. It is far better to get your staff fully motivated by offering them overtime or additional incentives as this will most certainly prove to be more effective:

  • Consider a bonus incentive or overtime.
  • Offer them additional time off after the holidays are over
  1. Keep Your Business Organised

Organising everything well can help keep your business running smoothly even during the busy holiday season. Here are a few things you can do to stay organised:

  • Make sure you have ordered in advance all the additional products, services  and supplies you require to keep your business running smoothly over the holiday period.
  • Track your shipping and inventory by incorporating online tools
  • Keep your #SocialMedia marketing campaigns on track and up to date. Add Christmas -related Posts. These posts will bring in a considerable amount of traffic. Look for commonly asked questions and provide answers to them. “Christmas gift ideas”, “Christmas decor ideas”, “Christmas games”, etc. are popular searches around this time and creating blog posts and content based on that can help you get more traffic to the store. Blog posts have enduring value so you can update them and re-post them the following year and still bring in traffic so it’s a good idea to spend some time and create good content.
  • Make sure you have planned your staffing rota’s correctly in advance and that you have all the  man power you require and your staff are happy.
  • Hire additional staff if you have the budget
  1. Review Your Policies

Review all business policies like returns and shipping. Many businesses have a Free Shipping Day during the season. This can help attract new customers, but ensure the logistics are in place so that the entire process runs smoothly.

  1. Create a Well Designed Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategy for this time of the year will prove to be beneficial. Being creative is extremely crucial. For example, it is a nice touch to send out a personalised note to all existing customers wishing them a #HappyChristmas  & #NewYear with maybe a free samples of one of your products or services. This will most certainly  send a huge message out to your  that you appreciate them and very much value their business.

  1. Offer Discounts and Incentives.

This is an excellent time to get your customers excited with offers and promotions- this proves to be a great marketing tool. Create a customer list and send them incentives like loyalty discounts or exclusive deals.

  1. Create a Marketing Strategy Based On #Content on #SEO 

Research keywords that were previously used and keep a track of your SEO. Make sure that the content you post informs customers and also ties into the holidays. Send out your content via email marketing campaigns. Engaging with your customers at this time is extremely important to get them excited about the holidays.

  1. Keep Your Website Updated

The #Christmas holiday period is the perfect time to have upgraded your website as we know in today’s retail climate many customers prefer to shop online . If you have have had your website updated then you can benefit from 24 hour sales and your business is capable of handling a larger number of customers.  A few things to focus on are:

  • Get Your Website running e-commerce 
  • Get rid of any bugs with your website which will help it perform smoother
  • Double check & troubleshoot payment processing
  • Include information about the holidays during the update, and include all new policies like shipping, special pricing and returns

If you require any more help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business  #SmallBusinessSupport in Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you  as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success.





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