Are You Rebuilding Trust With Your #Brand on Social Media in #2019?

Are You Rebuilding Trust With Your #Brand on Social Media in #2019?


Social Media in 2018 became a moment of digital crisis as soon as the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica news hit in March. This coupled with Mark Zuckerberg taking the stand to testify before Congress in April drove consumer trust in Social Media Platforms to a historic low.

This means that in 2019 Social Media Marketing will be all about Rebuilding Trust with Consumers and creating interactive, personalised and genuine content to engage the modern consumer. It is not all bad news it just means Brands will need to shift strategies in order to make their content more interesting and relevant to the increasingly aware consumer.

Here are 5 Top Tips to Help You Build Trust With Your #Brand in 2019

1.Create Real, #Close-knit Communities
Users are increasingly conscious and curious about who they are interacting with on social media. Brands will need to adapt and understand what successful engagement truly means. It’s less about reach and more about being real and fostering communities. Let passionate people talk to each other! A trend we expect to see in 2019 is private Facebook groups, which allow for dialogue in a safe environment. These more niche groups can be a powerful way to bring interested users together.

2.Find Authenticity and #Niche with #Micro-Influencers
Celebrities endorsing products may not hold as much weight as they used to. These partnerships could be seen as strictly commercial ones, especially with big stars promoting multiple brands at the same time. All of this makes it hard to gain credibility amongst users. Enter the micro-influencer: People with a smaller social media presence that are revered in niche communities. These #influencers do not require a big budget to work with them and have a loyal, engaged audience. Plus, they can be easier to reach since they aren’t inundated with thousands of messages every day.

3.Get more One on One User Interaction with #Chatbots and #AI
Instant gratification and the need for real-time responses on social media is nothing new, but the rise of smart assistants has evolved this space. Expectations for high value and private interactions will likely increase in 2019. According to #Twilio, 90% of consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. #Chatbots and AI can offer replies that range from streamlining customer service queries/FAQs to providing real, helpful advice. Brands can highlight these new services by running social media campaigns that incorporate message apps..

4.Share a More Personal Side with Stories                                                                                                                 Since #Snapchat first brought us ephemeral content, the short-lived “Stories” feature is just about on every social media platform (most recently, LinkedIn,to mixed reviews). It was a good year for #Instagram Stories, with plenty of updates including interactive stickers and shoppable tags, to name a few. Stories also gained popularity as a marketing vehicle. #Facebook CPO predicts that Stories will overtake #newsfeeds within the next year, as use of the feature is growing 15x faster than feed-based sharing. Brands should consider a balanced diet of content styles, using Stories to reach their audience in a spontaneous, personal, and lo-fi way. AR and custom #GIFs could be a more advanced way to use this feature in the new year.

5.Show how Your Products & Services can Fit Within Daily Lives
Product discovery on social media platforms has become even more seamless. Instagram’s shoppable posts, for example, now allow users to make purchases without ever leaving the app. Video in particular is playing a big role in social commerce, with 74% of viewers drawing a connection between watching a social video and making a purchase. Brands can highlight their services with product description videos, live-stream demonstrations, and user-generated content.

When it comes to #SocialMediaMarketing in 2019, no matter which way you look at it, the #NewYear is going to be all about creating personal, genuine, engaging content and rebuilding the trust that was lost in this past year.

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