Are you using #YouTube? 6 Tips to Help You Build Your Presence

Are you using #YouTube? 6 Tips to Help You Build Your Presence

Of all the social media channels, #YouTube is one with a massive following. It offers great opportunities to spread your message to wider audiences. If you don’t have a YouTube presence or have created a channel that you simply never use, now is the perfect time to get started.

There are a number different aspects you need to keep in view while setting up and growing your YouTube presence. For that reason

We Can Build Your Business have put together 6 Top Tips that will set you on the right track:

1.Keep Your Goals In View

The very first step to building a solid presence on YouTube is to determine what your ultimate goal is. Focus on what you want to achieve from your presence on the channel. It could be anything from boosting your #Google #rankings and conversions, aiming for featured snippet spots, to reputation management, creating product videos etc. The important thing is that everything you do with your channel needs to be planned with that goal in view.

2.Content Calendar Creation

Careful planning is crucial if you want to succeed in your marketing efforts on #YouTube. Conduct some research on which common #keywords are being used by consumers looking for your service or product. Weave your content around various seasonal events and then plan out what the estimated cost for each piece would be from start to end.

3.Focus On Production

One of the most intimidating and difficult aspects of the process is to get started on the #video production process. This is especially true if you’re working on a tight budget. We Can Build Your Business can offer you a 30 second #animated #video from only £245 as we know your times is so important and should be focused on what you do best! However there are also a number of low-cost animation tools out there such as #iMovie and #Animatron that you can use to create good quality videos.

4.The Peripheral Work Matters

Building a successful YouTube channel involves a number of aspects. Some of the things to focus on include:

  • Tag your video well.
  • Add a catchy title.
  • Include a 300-500 word description.
  • Create a clickable table of contents. This will help viewers skip to the relevant sections of the video. This step can help improve your channel’s view count which means YouTube will consider it to be a high quality upload.
  • Share the video via your other social media pages.
  • Embed the new video into your website.
  • Set auto-play to ‘off’ to ensure your metrics aren’t affected by viewers just passing through and who aren’t interested in watching.
  • Consider investing in some promotion efforts on your social media accounts.

5. Monitor the Video’s Performance

This is a vital aspect of building a successful YouTube presence. You would need to monitor your videos’ performance to find out what worked and what didn’t. Tools such as #Topvisor or YouTube #Analytics are great to conduct this analysis. Use the information to make the changes you need in any new content you upload on the channel.

6. Maximise Your Exposure

Share your You Tube Video with your #TargetAaudience and existing #Customers and utilise all your Social Media platforms. We all have different platforms which work best for our business dependent on what we service or product we offer. For example #B2C and most certainly #Lifestyle and #Leisure then use of #Facebook #Instagram and #Twitter.For B2B then strongly promote on #Linkedin and #BusinessNetworking platforms. Sponsor your posts on the most effective platform for your business to generate many more views, followers and shares. Incentivise your existing customers to follow you and like and share your YouTube Video. Remember existing happy customers are one of our best marketing tools as they love to talk about something they own or feel apart of!

Building a strong presence on YouTube and any other Social Media platform takes time and effort and one of the best ways to get it right is to hire experienced professionals for the job. They will help create engaging and relevant videos with all the right ingredients. Apart from this, they will monitor, analyse and tweak content to help you steadily grow your presence on this channel.

We Can Build Your Business can offer excellent YouTube marketing solutions to help your #SmallBusiness.


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