How to Target Multiple #Keywords with One Page of #Content

How to Target Multiple #Keywords with One Page of #Content

In a competitive business world, it’s important to be on-step ahead of your rivals and competitors at all times. In order to stay ahead, you need to use good digital marketing strategies and optimise your current strategies as much as you can.

Every marketing strategy has some room for improvement and some underutilised potential. For example, you can target multiple keywords from one page of content instead of focusing on one keyword per page. At # WeCanBuildYourBusiness, we encourage our clients to consider targeting more than one keyword from the page.

How can you target multiple #Keywords from one page? 

Targeting multiple keywords isn’t about stuffing as many keywords related to your business into your content as you can, it’s about ranking two or more keywords that fit into your content well on the search engines. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Understand the searcher’s intent – The user will search a combination of keywords if they don’t get satisfactory results from their first attempt. You should consider what the user’s intent is and understand how they will use keywords before you compile a list of keywords to include in one page of content.
  • Matching the keywords –Keywords should fit in with the content on the page naturally. For example, a page with content about pizza shouldn’t really have keywords related to leather shoes. That will be a complete disconnect and might even attract sanctions from the search engines.  However, keywords related to pizza and keywords related to mozzarella cheese can be a part of the same content because they are have connection and both can be relevant to the text on the page. A user looking for pizza ingredients will naturally search for the cheese as well.
  • Mismatched words – Sometimes, mismatched words fit in with the intent of the customer even if they don’t have any connection to one another. For example, a jacket and shoes might not be connected in the traditional sense, but they’re connected because of the user’s intent. They might want to purchase a jacket and a pair of shoes as a part of an outfit.
  • Too much of anything is bad –You can fire dozens of bullets clumsily and hope to hit the target without damaging anything or you can fire one or two bullets accurately and be certain to hit the target without causing any damage. Similarly, you can stuff a large number of keywords into one page and damage your reputation as well as your credibility, or you can use the right keywords in limited amounts and have the right impact on your customers.

If you plan your strategy well and exercise some restraint, you can target a small number of good keywords with just one page.

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