Local #PPC Strategy- Making #AdWords Work for Your Business

Local #PPC Strategy- Making #AdWords Work for Your Business

Many businesses that incorporate a local #PPC strategy often see indifferent results. This is mainly because they are dealing with much smaller audiences and highly competitive #keyphrases and #keywords. This generally results in brands and ads receiving very poor click through rates and a limited volume of traffic or they end up  paying much higher rates to ensure their ad has a #1ranking.

It doesn’t take long for many businesses to eventually decide that PPC maybe just isn’t for them. But the fact is that it’s largely a matter of sharpening some of the details and smoothing the edges of their campaign

Making #AdWords Work

Local business PPC can lend a massive boost to your revenue if you know exactly how to target the ideal local audiences. Here we take a look at how you can make #AdWords work for your Local #PPCstrategy:

  • Single Keyword Ad Groups- Focus on using #SKAGs. They allow you to effectively target smaller audiences and improve the relevance of your copy and ads. Single Keyword Ad Groups also help slice up your AdWords account, providing a higher level of detail. They also improve the #CTR (click through rate) of your advertisements as well as your quality score.

 Include #AdExtensions- Ad extensions help liven up your standard AdWords text ads. They provide your users a larger number of avenues to which they can reach your desired goal conversion. They can help accelerate  your local business PPC efforts. You can use Review Extensions, Call Extensions, and Location Extensions to craft local campaigns that focus on the convenience of your offer and your locality. Ad extensions also help boost your quality score and click through rate.

  • Focus on #Mobile #Optimization– Today, mobile searches account for almost 60% of all internet searches. It means they automatically become potential customers and leads you just can’t ignore. All your pages need to be optimised for mobile and you should also prioritise combining your classic AdWords campaign with PPC for social media such as using #Snapchat #Geofilters, #Instagram, and #Facebook Proximity Ads.
  • Invest a Little More– As mentioned previously, staying competitive in the local market can prove to be more expensive than standard PPC. Your ad spend increases when you want to maintain your market share and need to bid for much more competitive keywords. It means, if you want to boost existing campaigns, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. When you are channelling more money into any campaign, look for ones that have the best #CPA (cost per action) and are generating a larger number of sales.
  • Focus on Local Re-marketing– If you need to conserve your local PPC campaign budget, then re-marketing may prove to be the ideal solution for you. You can include geolocation layers to all your re-marketing audiences and transforming the existing campaigns into local ones. It simply means your ads will be seen only by viewers that are in your specific location and have visited your site in the past.

At the end of the day, your Local Business PPC is about getting your timing right.

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