Why SEO Matters……

Many businesses look at different ways to spread the word about what they have to offer and use various methods of advertising such as business directories, flyers, newspapers, TV & radio adverts, paid online advertisements and so on. Unfortunately everything we have just listed will cost you money. There is however a free way of ensuring that people find you and that’s if you are found through a Search Engine – it’s like free website traffic (also referred to as organic traffic, because it’s not paid for).

There are lots of very attractive websites, but they may not get much traffic or online business. So what is the point of paying lots of money for your branding and website if it is not performing how it should be? The answer is to ensure you have good optimisation using effective search engine optimisation techniques.

Today, the majority of consumers (more than 70%) search online for products and services using an online search engines.


A search engine is basically a website which is designed to help users find different websites and the information stored on them. The most commonly search engines used are Google, Yahoo or Bing. Different search engines index various websites in different ways but they will all perform the same basic task. They will search the internet using web crawlers or spiders and they will build lists of the words they find on websites. They allow users to look for words or combinations of words and then they will display the results based on their “index.“ This means that Google, Yahoo or Bing will have crawled the internet and then indexed the content. Your content has to be indexed in whichever search engine webmaster tools in order for them to display their results, enabling online users to find your website.


We are constantly surprised and disappointed to hear how many SEO companies can take advantage of enthusiastic young companies with fancy terms and false promises. Our advise is that key words need to be embedded into your content and these key words need to be SEO friendly and monitored to ensure you are rising up the online rankings “organically.”

The method (or algorithm) or organic rankings which search engines use to rank websites and their pages is a well kept secret but there are some things you can do to try to improve your organic search positions. One of the easiest ways to do this is by typing a relevant phrase for your business into Google and seeing what suggested searches it gives you.

Google also has a free keyword tool you can use. You need to aim for popular keywords that get searched for often. Bear in mind that it is no use being the top ranking web page for a search term that nobody uses and it is equally wasteful trying to become the top ranking web page for a search term that is saturated with competitors. It is also very important for your website to have good quality, authoritative content. You will also need a mix of content that will remain relevant for many years (also referred to as “evergreen” content as it doesn’t date) and fresh, new content that will keep search engines and online users interested in coming back to you. Your content should be focused on the keywords you identified in your research – so include them in page titles, headlines and descriptions of your content that sit behind pages in the HTML.


If you secure links to your website from other relevant websites, this can help you with your rankings. This is because search engines want to display the best content to users for each search, so if users are linking to your website then this informs the search engine it is good quality. Some links to your website may happen organically as people find it and like it, but other links you may have to find yourself by communicating with other websites.

Choosing the right keyword search terms, ensuring your site is SEO friendly, submitting your website to the relevant authoritative websites and adding links from other websites can all increase your visibility, boost page ranking and thus gain more online business… and that’s where our SEO experts come in. Getting you where you want to be for LESS!

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