What Makes a Good Website


Did you know that: 93% of all business purchase decisions start with a search online using Google, Yahoo or other search engines?

STATISTICS TELL US: That 44% to 51% of small businesses do not have a website.

Yes, really! This is a truly staggering figure considering that a good website can draw in more customers and can generate more business, in fact for many it may generate most of the business in today’s online led world.

Straight away this tells us that without a business website, you are selling only to 7% of the market. If you have a great website however, with good SEO, your profit margins will be greatly increased.

Good business websites are designed with the user in mind and with exciting graphics, state of the art technology and impressive website techniques, such as animation, you can be a cut above the rest and a mile ahead of competitors. Again, it all goes back to brand and your website forms a big part of your brand. Your business website can help to give your business a professional appearance, and can help to increase your customer base.

In a world where people head online for almost everything every day, having an aesthetically pleasing and technically excellent website is vital.


In today’s internet led market if your business doesn’t have a website there is a very large portion of the market that will not even consider you as an option when they are looking to buy. An online presence is one of the most important assets for any business in the modern world; not just to provide information to customers to also to build on your business’s credibility. Consumers of the modern day want to connect with the companies that they buy from more than ever before, and a website with integrated social networking and blogs is the perfect solution to fulfil this desire. In spite of this there are still lots of businesses who are not online – not being found online is almost like hanging a closed sign on the door.

Ease of Access:
Ensuring that your business is online is an easy way to allow customers to find you, get more information on your company and to answer common questions that they might have. It also allows them to see a full list of products or services in the comfort of their own homes or offices, allowing them plenty of time to browse at leisure. By having a website, users who go to search engines like Google to seek a product or service can find you.


Make sure your website has an Objective:

Think about the key objective of your website . Is it just going to promote your products or services or do you want to be able to sell online with e- commerce functionality? Do you require any special additional functionality, such as a login area for customer management? How complicated your requirements are will have an impact on all other areas of your website, and the amount of budget you will need. For many small businesses a simple website that supports the products or services to be promoted will be absolutely fine.


Having a clear and intuitive navigation is probably one of the most important factors for a successful website. If users find it difficult to find what they are looking for when they reach your site, it’s most likely they will get bored or frustrated and just leave and click onto to one of your competitors. “Make it Simple”, minimise the number of clicks the user has to make to move around, make it interesting and make the navigation buttons clear and easy to follow.

Content is King:

The main reason a visitor will reach your website is because they require information. This may be because they are researching a potential purchase or are ready to make one. The content on your website must answer their questions and make it clear what to do next. Don’t just rely on pages of written content, use images and video to help bring your products to life. In fact video content can also be extremely useful for helping you get indexed on search engines. You can also upload PDF documents such as product brochures to your website.

Access & Usability:

Websites can be viewed on many different internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), mobile phones and tablet devices. You therefore need to ensure that your website displays correctly on all different platforms to ensure that you are maximising the number of visitors to your site.


There’s no point spending a lot of time and money developing your website if nobody can find you. Today, the majority of consumers search online for products and services using Google, Yahoo or Bing therefore it is vital your site is well indexed in the search engine results. There are no guarantees as to how well your website will rank, but you can try to improve the chance of ranking well by using search engine optimisation techniques. Please refer to our SEO section for lot’s of tips and guides.

Your website is a vital part of your business. Make sure you treat it that way.


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