#Procrastination ….10 #Tips to Help You Get Things Done

#Procrastination ….10 #Tips to Help You Get Things Done

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, sometimes it can be impossible for us to complete simple tasks that we know need to be done. It could be, finishing off some paperwork, or working on a new proposition or even just updating your website’s #Blog page. Whatever the job may be, some of us will do anything else in order to put it off. Obviously this can cause a drop in productivity and businesses need their level of output to be as high as possible at all times.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you avoid #Procrastination.

1.Make sure you working in the right #environment

This may be easier for some and not so, for others but the right environment can increase your productivity and make you happier in your work place. For example, if you work in an office you will not have too much control over the environment around you, however, if you are a remote worker or a #freelancer, then choose your location wisely. Don’t sit on the sofa at home with the TV on and expect your work to flow. Get yourself in an environment where you can concentrate and focus.

2.Know when you get your best work done

Not everybody suits the 9-5 ritual. Some people aren’t productive in the mornings and will spend those hours dithering until they have lunch before they get started on work. It’s not a valid excuse for #procrastination to say you’re not a morning person. If this is the case, you need to figure out the best times to work at your optimum and stick to it.

3.Learn how to #automate

Sometimes you may have far too many little jobs on the go at the same time and this may stop you from thinking straight– why not get smarter and automate your work. For your #SocialMedia updates like #Facebook #Twitter#Linkedin or #GooglePlus why not spend 1 hour per week scheduling your posts in #Buffer or #Hootsuite and then only worry about your social presence once a week? #CRMsystems like #SalesForce or #Zoho are advanced enough these days that can automatically send invoice reminders to your clients, or email updates of a new product you’re going to launch. Automating your work can be a massive time saver, especially to small businesses, and make your huge workload seem much less daunting.

4.Set yourself strict deadlines to keep

#Deadlines are good, they give you a time frame in which you have to keep to, in order to complete your work on time. If for whatever reason you don’t have a deadline for the work you are doing then you should set yourself one and stick to it. Working to a deadline gives you a sense of direction of how urgent a task is. If there is no time when you need to finish your job then you will just keep putting it off and off. Set yourself milestone reminders in your phone or your email of where you should be up to and when you need to be finished by.

5.Put your phone away

Mobile phones are most definitely an essential part of the business world today as everything is either available on mobile or moving to mobile. Unfortunately mobile phones can also be a huge distraction. You may have your work email on there and receive important updates – but you also have quick access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other interesting apps and games you might have. No matter how much we love them and have them as a necessity, mobile phones have become a large part of our daily lives and they are a huge hindrance on productivity! Put your phone away, increase productivity and see the piles of work begin to disappear.

6.Don’t have dozens of tabs open on your browser.

It’s so easy when you are scrolling through Facebook or Twitter to just click on links that sound interesting and then leave those open on your computer. However, these are just distractions. Pages and pages of articles to distract you from the core activities you need to do. Try having an absolute maximum of 5 tabs at any one point then just see how much easier you find do your work!

7.Learn how to say “no”

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.”

You don’t have to be afraid of saying “no” to other people in the office, if you use the right tone, it will not sound offensive or come across as being rude. Being able to refuse more work from others shows people that you are assertive and busy enough with your own responsibilities. It enables you complete your own work in a faster timeframe and then maybe when you have finished all your work, you can then go back and offer your assistance.

8.Create a progress chart

Get a big white board, pop it up in a highly visible place on your wall and clearly write down everything you need to do. This way people will see how busy you are and not want to distract you, and you will always have a reminder of where you are up to in progressing through all your jobs. Additionally a progress chart will ensure that you won’t forget a smaller task that you need to do.

9.Don’t be too proud to ask to for help if you need it

Sometimes the amount of work you have on the go can be too overwhelming and this may prevent you from completing it. In this case it is good to have the guts to step up and ask for help – share some of your workload so that you can really focus your mind on a few core tasks and get them completed to the best of your ability.

10.Remember the feeling of achievement you get when you complete a job

What better feeling is there in your job when you have completed a huge piece of work to a great standard? The waves of relief, pride and achievement you get is pretty difficult to top in the office – so why not harness these feelings and strive to get them more often. By remembering how great it feels to tick a task off your checklist you encourage yourself to accomplish this again and again!

It’s not always easy to follow these steps, but hopefully you will be able to implement some of these tips and see a real difference in your productivity at work.

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