Top Tips On How to Work From Home Efficiently in Such Critical Times

Top Tips On How to Work From Home Efficiently in Such Critical Times

The #COVID-19 epidemic has affected millions of people globally. Many businesses, big and small, have downed their shutters, requesting employees to operate remotely to prevent possible infection.

For many employees, having the freedom to work from home was a long-pursued dream. Working remotely has a few significant advantages, but there are still many obstacles to tackle.

Here are 10 tips to make your remote work environment as productive and enjoyable as possible.

  1. Create a Dedicated Workspace If Possible Those that are lucky enough to have a guest room or spare room can consider converting it into an office space. Even if you live in a compact home or apartment, it’s good to have a clear #workspace, even if it’s just a corner of a dining room.
  1. Have a To-Do List It’s beneficial to create a to-do list of things you intend to complete throughout the day. The trick, however, is to realise that you won’t necessarily be able to complete specific tasks for several days. It really is crucial to not stress yourself over that, especially when you just start out. 
  1. Learn To Cope With Distractions Someone working long hours from home will eventually get distracted, and the situation is undoubtedly much worse when your family is around due to the#coronavirus #lockdown. Focus on work and take a few breaks just as you did in your workplace. That means you can surf websites for a couple of minutes, but avoid binge-watching movies or TV shows.
  1. Benefit from Your Experience You will slowly determine how long it takes to get certain stuff done while you’re working from home. This presents you with the opportunity to incorporate some new habits into your daily routine. Over time, that’ll help you become more efficient.
  1. Take Breaks— Preferably Out Of Your House When you stay where you work, getting out of your work space during the day is much more necessary. The COVID-19 epidemic makes things more complicated, but taking a few breaks throughout the day will lighten your mood. At the moment we are allowed to go out for walks but asked to be mindful and responsible and adhere to #SocialDistancing so choose open areas with no crowds. We may be restricted to just gardens and balconies very soon but you can still take a break, get some fresh air and maybe do some exercises.
  1. Don’t Break Contact with Your Friends, Family & Work Colleagues  If you do have a good social life at home and with your job, don’t let remote working strip it away. When you can’t meet in person, use the highly useful and creative resources available to communicate with audio and video in larger groups.  There are some great Apps out there to invite and arrange a group to chat.
  1. Make Your Workspace As Comfortable As Possible Do what you can to make your home office as relaxed and usable as possible. Working an eight-hour day in a lousy chair will affect your body tremendously— as well as your attitude. Opt for ergonomic furniture or just find something very comfortable to use.
  1. Set Realistic Goals  To stay focused, setting ambitious targets as to how much work you plan to complete on any given day will prove to be helpful. Keep track on what you’re doing and try topping your personal best from one day to another.
  1. Utilise Technology With the widespread availability of mobile devices and most enterprise software accessible via cloud providers, moving the majority of the work from a workplace to home is a relatively simple task for most offices and people. Here are a few tech tips that can help make remote setup much more straightforward:
  • Boost your internet speed
  • Get a USB dock
  • Secure your home network
  • Purchase the right monitor
  • Opt for the right headset and webcam

Look for apps that allow you to collaborate with colleagues. Document-sharing apps and cloud storage systems like Google Docs, Dropbox, Google Drive, are an excellent way to go. Slack, Zoom and Office Vibe are a few other applications with broad functionality. You can determine what works best for your work and team and use those to improve productivity.

Stay Safe and Make the Most of Working Remotely We have very little control over how the Covid-19 pandemic will ultimately pan out. However, it’s essential to stay calm and do the best we can to work efficiently and productively from home- your new workplace! Very importantly #StaySafe.

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