#SEO – Is Your Website Fully Optimised and up to Date with #Google?

#SEO – Is Your Website Fully Optimised and up to Date with #Google?

Ever wondered why your  #Website  isn’t ranking in the top 10 on #Google and other #SearchEngines?


You’ve got a great website but still not ranking – discover why

Many business owners are totally baffled and unsure with conflicting opinions on #SEO and what is actually required to get your website fully optimised both creatively and technically on all the major search engines.


There are lots of very attractive websites, but they may not get much traffic or online business. So what is the point of paying lots of money for your branding and website if it is not performing how it should be? The answer is to ensure you have good #optimisation using effective search engine optimisation techniques.


Many business owners expect their website designers to optimise their #websites and are surprised when we tell them differently.  #Design and #SEO are separate services and for this reason we find so many websites  that are not fully optimised and therefore losing out on gaining more visitors and in turn extra revenue.


Today, the majority of consumers (more than 70%) search online for products and services using an online search engines. (In 2018 the majority of these searches are requested from our mobile phones.)


Who do we trust? -We are constantly surprised and disappointed to hear how many #SEO companies can take advantage of enthusiastic young companies with fancy terms and false promises. Charging extremely high fees and not delivering the required results.


For this reason We Can Build Your Business have teamed up with a trusted SEO partner and we are able to offer a thorough and in depth SEO audit of your website and make genuine recommendations of how to improve your ranking and visibility online.


We can make a substantial difference to getting your website fully optimised and in turn receiving many more #Visitors and #Sales.


Our manually created SEO Audit includes essential information for success including :


1.Technical Performance – We conduct a thorough health check on all areas of technical performance and make recommendations to fix all the problems we find.


2.Keyword Research – We check all areas of keyword density metrics and ranking factors. We can inform you of how Google reads your website and how it is listed with your keyword phrases. We identify which keyword you need to implement and compile a strategy to improve your ranking.


3.Website Issues – We address all the issues we find to ensure full engine compatibility and indexing capabilities. We look at:

  • Open graph
  • Structured Data Mark Up / Schema
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Sitemaps
  • Content Strategy


4.Link Analysis – a full review of your backlink profile and your website’s “domain authority”, providing simple to follow instructions on how to gain more links without the expense.


5.Mobile SEO – with strict penalties introduced by Google, it is essential for ranking that your site is fully mobile friendly in speed and responsiveness.


6.Summary – We summarise all the information we have identified and structure a disciplined strategy to ensure that your website is enhanced, fully optimised, totally up to date and more importantly visible online.


Each #SEOAudit is as unique as your company’s website, hand-compiled to highlight your website’s issues and how to resolve them to ensure greater.

If you want to know more information on how optimise your website fully with #Google,  please do not hesitate to contact us. We Can Build Your Business #smallbusinesssupport in #Manchester can offer solid advice to small businesses. We are happy to help you as we have a team of professional partners on hand who can make a difference to your business success!



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