Top Tips on How to Get Better Reviews

Top Tips on How to Get Better Reviews

Reviews have a major influence over your business and can have a direct impact on your sales. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Only 12% of customers do not read reviews before they purchase products so it is very important to get more reviews to increase your sales revenue. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. At We Can Build Your Business, we have worked with many clients to help them increase the number of reviews in a natural and honest manner and we have some tips that can help you.

Amp Up Customer Service 

Customers will be naturally inclined to give you great reviews if you offer them excellent service. People naturally want to share great experiences and boast about discovering hidden gems so if you please them enough, they will in turn leave you great reviews on your social media platforms.

Improving your customer service won’t just get you good reviews, but it will also improve your reputation and help you build trust with your clients. That’s one of the reasons why people love companies like Amazon and Zappos. Give your customers something to talk about and go above and beyond when it comes to service, and if you do this you will collect a large number of great reviews.

Give them Access 

Customers will not leave reviews if it’s not convenient for them to do so. You should set up profiles on as many platforms as possible to give them quick access. So you should have profiles in Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages, and other such local directories. It’s also a good idea to have social media business pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People may  go out of their way to search for your public profiles to leave bad reviews, but they will not put in the the same amount of effort for good reviews; so it’s important to give them easy access.

Negative Reviews Aren’t Your Enemy 

While people like businesses with five stars and glowing reviews, believe it or not, they may not trust your company if you do not have a few disappointed customers. Most business owners do not realise that negative reviews are a great opportunity to showcase their customer service and build trust. Customers do not expect you to be infallible, but they will expect you to listen and respond to their complaints. If you resolve their problem quickly and efficiently, they will in many cases want to leave a positive review after a negative one, which is actually has far more impact.

Let Them Know Reviews Help 

It is not considered bad taste to ask for or actively solicit reviews, but you can let your customers know that they help. One of the best ways to do this  is to thank them publicly. For example, you can post a special thank you note on your website if your business gets 100 good reviews on Yelp and explain how much of an impact they had on your revenue and success. Customers who are pleased with your service and support you will take that into consideration and will be more inclined to offer you great reviews voluntarily.

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