Video Marketing – How to get Your Business Going Viral on #Facebook

Video Marketing – How to get Your Business Going Viral on #Facebook

Marketing your business today is a far cry from what it used to be and keeping up with new trends in a digital media landscape where everyone is fighting for attention can be very challenging for most. It is a very different ballgame as the brave new world of #Digital Consumption is here to stay and the one of the most effective new ways of getting your business to go #Viral is #VideoMarketing.

30-60 second videos on platforms such as #Facebook can go viral very quickly and this is how it works….

Baiting viewers without being click bait –The secret is to bait viewers into watching the video, without becoming “click bait.”

A creative Video Marketing company will take your product or service and look closely at your target audience. They will then make a very explosive 30-60 second viral video that will easily attract attention with “buzzworthy stories and trendy topics” which people will want to like and share mainly because they are cool. The videos can accumulate hundreds of thousands of views and generate “warm data.” This is the trick as the company will then re-target your marketing campaign at your newly generated data rather than start from scratch which I am sure you will agree can only result in much higher conversion rates.

Most people would create a story with the “big message” either towards the end or halfway through but with viral videos it is completely different as they get the “big message” out there straight away. Facebook is a different world and this is how videos can go viral instantly.

The videos can be extremely #Silly and #Humorous or very #Heart-Wrenching but that is why they go viral.

So if you want to sell out of products or be booked up for services and generate more traffic to your website then this is a very effective way of doing it successfully.

Engage Visitors on Your Website with #VIDEO

The majority of website  visitors do not read through text, they quickly scan through it. In fact 80% of website visitors will watch a video and only 20% will actually read text in its entirety.  Use of video on your website will most certainly engage more visitors with your product or services.

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